Membership – Hearing Loss Association
of America, Lakeland Chapter

Welcome to the Hearing Loss Association of America, Lakeland Chapter.  We are the only organized hearing loss self-help organization in the Lakeland area.

The primary benefits members receive are the Education, Support and Mentoring that they – – and their family members – – need to improve their hearing and listening abilities.

As a member of the Lakeland Chapter, you will also be supporting our on-going mission to provide greater hearing access in theatres, community venues, and houses of worship throughout the community, as we represent the many people with hearing loss in the Lakeland area.  One out of 6 people has a hearing loss, so you are not alone.

All our monthly meetings also provide Hearing Loop and CART (Captions) support so you will not miss word from our expert speakers.

membershipChapter membership is only $1 per month!  It’s simple to join….just come to one of our meetings and we’ll collect your contact information to keep you informed, or contact us.

Chapter membership is required to participate in any organizational-related voting that takes place at Chapter meetings (ie election of Chapter officers, budget topics, changes to Standing Rules, etc.).

To join our chapter, you may visit a chapter meeting and complete an application. Or, you may print the Application for Membership and send it, along with a check for $1 per month for the remaining months of the calendar year (dues are collected in January of each year) and mail to: Hearing Loss Association – Lakeland Chapter, 5337 N. Socrum Loop Rd., Suite 237, Lakeland, FL 33809-4256.  Or, you may complete the on-line Membership Application and pay all on-line here.